Business Owners


Meetings. Staff. Business Development. Operations Management. We know you have a lot on your plate. Your 401(k) plan is probably an afterthought compared to most of your day-to-day responsibilities. Here’s why it shouldn’t be:

As the owner of your business and trustee of your 401(k) plan, you and your company may be personally be liable for failing to manage your 401(k) plan properly. In 2013, the Department of Labor collected $1.69 Billion in fines* from businesses and business owners for failing to manage their retirement plans properly.

Let us help you make sure your 401(k) doesn’t become a liability for you. Work with us to have a properly managed employee retirement plan and make sure you are doing everything you need to to protect yourself from potential fines and provide yourself and your employees the type of retirement plan that will help you and them achieve financial freedom.



80% of small businesses listed for sale never sell.  Is the sale of your business a large part of your retirement plan? 

We are business owners too. We have a deep understanding of what it’s like running a company and taking care of your personal finances at the same time. We understand that the business owner is the last person to get paid.

We can help you develop a personal financial plan that integrates all of your resources to potentially reduce taxes, mitigate risk, and provide a well-thought-out, common sense retirement strategy for you and your family. After all, if your retirement is completely dependent on the sale of your business, you may never end up getting what you had counted on.


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Business Owners