Hanford Area Workers

The Hanford Site provides many benefits to our community and is a significant source of pride, tradition, and history to the Tri-Cities.

At Pacific Crest Planning, we embrace working with the people who have worked both “inside the fence,” “outside the fence,” and alongside the site.  We understand your language.  We understand your environment.  We work like engineers and project managers to help you accomplish your goals.

We are intimately familiar with the retirement benefit packages and programs for the O&E, HAMTC, and PNNL plans.  We also are familiar with the benefit packages of many of the local trade unions like the IBEW, Teamsters, and Pipefitters.  Our goal is to know your benefits so well that we can explain to you in plain language how they work and how you may use them to make the most of your retirement.

You spend 40+ hours a week working and saving to provide income for the rest of your life.  Let us help you simplify and understand the retirement process so that you can have the kind of retirement you’ve worked all these years to achieve.

Front page photo courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.