If you’re a Physician, you face a unique financial planning situation. You borrow large amounts of money to go to school. You graduate into a profession that gives you immediate tax problems. It may be likely that you work a shortened career because of the stress of your occupation.

We understand important financial issues that Physicians face and can give you advice on how to handle them. We are familiar with how you are taxed and understand how to deploy tax reduction techniques to help you keep more of your hard-earned money. We understand and can provide architecture to a well-thought-out retirement plan that accounts for a potentially shorter working career. We know that many physicians are concerned about their occupation creating personal liability issues for their family and can, alongside qualified legal professionals, explore ways to separate your personal and professional lives from a liability standpoint.  

We understand that you are held to a high standard of care when dealing with your patients. We are held to a similar fiduciary standard of care to you and your family. We walk in similar shoes and would be honored to sit down with you and your family to plan your financial future.


If you’re a PA, RN, LPN, CNA, or other health care worker, you are constantly facing patients who show a variety of symptoms and emotions. You are prepared to address whatever medical issues your patients face with determination and confidence. People trust you with their lives because of your experience, composure, and ability to deal with difficult, stressful situations.

Similar to health care events, planning for your retirement can be an emotional, overwhelming process. Working with an advisor can help you feel confident in your decisions, which may lead to a healthier retirement for you and your family.

Pacific Crest Planning loves working hard for the RNs, PAs, CNAs, LPNs, and other medical professionals who work so hard to keep our community healthy. Let us make sure your retirement and financial life stays healthy and on track to achieve the lifestyle you deserve for working so hard.