1) They create a core culture to speak clearly at all times about why their mission will lead their marketplace.

Solving the 6 secret questions that supercharge growth for any business: How are you gonna save them time
How are you gonna save them money
How are you gonna help save their sanity
How you gonna give them greater security/safety/solvency
How you gonna make it fun
How will you make things easier

2) They create a laser focus on their dream life and goals.

Entrepreneurs who simply make time to record or write down their 5-year vision have proven to be 42% more successful. Yes just simply like a golf score. Writing it down or video recording it….they Stay focused on the business and the life they want to have. Reviewing and renewing their focus each quarter to be true to their mission. Documenting Both the things they want but also what their life will look like when they succeed. They have fun writing down their perfect life and going for it.

3) They build an advisory team to help them work “ON” their business.

We do not know many successful businesses owners who have lasting growth and success without one. The best leaders have a strong realization that they are not an expert in all matters business. Assembling an expert team to collaborate on your mission will help you win. After all, How can you work hard in your business every day and have the time to work on every area effectively? Having a trusted financial strategist, tax specialist, legal advisor with key people to support your growth will help you do what you do best.

4) Their business plan and systems are built to speak clearly to their customers “Why”.

Why they need or want your product or service. Speaking to them in their language to help them understand that you know who they are and what they want; Then of course “Why” they should choose You and your business.

5) They IDENTIFY and communicate specifically to who their IDEAL customer is and how their businesses’ UNIQUE VALUE is a solution for their “WHY”.

Bringing solutions that continue to stay strongly rooted in their mission, vision, and values.