Wealth Management Roadmap

The Wealth Management Road Map is a checklist and outline of important financial planning topics ranging from social security, to risk management, to estate planning, to tax planning issues that we commit to educating and advising you on over the course of our relationship with you.

Each of our clients receives a copy of this Wealth Management Roadmap so that they can track which financial planning topics we have talked about and implemented, and which ones we still have yet to talk about in coming reviews. This helps you stay organized and informed on what we will be talking about when you come in to meet with us.

Why is this Wealth Management Roadmap so important? Studies have shown that financial planners who focus only on which investments to choose with their clients simply don’t add much value to their clients’ bottom line. However, financial planners who give advice in not just investments, but about taxes, social security, retirement income planning, and planners who work to keep their clients emotions in check, tend to pay for themselves and more.* We want to be that type of advisor for you and your family.

Road Map

Please take time to look over our Wealth Management Roadmap that has been uploaded to our site to see all the many valuable areas we provide education and advice to our clients. For more information on Pacific Crest Planning, click on the services tab above to read all about what we do. We look forward to meeting with you in person.


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